Replace an A704 runway light battery in under three minutes


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Our airfield lighting products are built to last for over 20 years, with no maintenance for seven years on average. When it’s time to replace the batteries, we’ve streamlined the process to take under three minutes on average per light so your runway stays operational without interruption.

To perform this replacement, we’ll need:
– A704 runway light
– 5/32” hex bit
– 1/2” hex socket
– Replacement battery

Here’s how to replace an A704 battery pack:

Step 1 (00:41): Using the 5/32” hex bit, remove the four (4) baseplate bolts.

Step 2 (00:58): Lift up to slowly separate the chassis from the baseplate.

Step 3 (01:07): Disconnect the locking battery harness.

Step 4 (01:17): Using the 1/2” hex socket, remove the central bolt.

Step 5 (01:30): Disconnect the charge port harness.

Step 6 (01:44): Attach charge port harness and slide into baseplate.

Step 7 (01:56): Using the 1/2” hex socket, tighten the central bolt.

Step 8 (02:09): Attach main harness to battery pack.

Step 9 (02:13): Slide chassis down onto the baseplate.

Step 10 (02:21): Using the 5/32” hex bit, tighten the four (4) baseplate bolts.

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